Pasture Raised, Non-GMO Poultry

Where to Buy Chicken

Chicken is for sale here at Grafted Farm, at 14189 Marquis Rd in Unionville, VA. Birds range from 3.5-7 pounds and are priced at $4.25/pound. We do have discounts available, and cuts are available by request.

Miller Farms in Locust Grove 

Located at 12101 Orange Plank Road, Locust Grove, VA 22508 – you can buy chicken during open hours.

Pre-Ordering allow you to eat pure, healthy chicken year-round! We have a variety of plans available to fit your meal and budget needs. More about family packaging

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    how we raise them

    We buy day-old cornish cross chick to be raised in custom-built chicken tractors, made to move throughout the pasture while keeping them safe from predators. They have plenty of space, fresh grass and clean water every day of their lives.

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    what they eat

    Like any bird, they eat the nutritious critters that surround them. But we also feed them the very best Non-GMO chicken feed, sourced from a local farm. We like to call them “beyond organic” because they are much more than anything you can buy at the grocery store.

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    how we process them

    Our chickens grow to full size in an 8 week period, from the brooder to the field. We process in the most humane, clean way possible, first by offering thanks and then doing the most clean processing possible, using Scripture as a guideline. They are processed and bagged right here at our farm. We immediately put them in an ice bath for 24 hours which makes for a very tender finished product.

Poultry Variety

We are currently raising chickens, but will have a few turkeys available for Thanksgiving, and Quail soon to come!

Chicken Sandwich?

Raise your family on pasture raised, non-GMO poultry year round! Learn more about our packages.


Pricing by the pound, or learn how you can feed your family on one of our plans.

Family Packages