Own a Dairy Goat Herd

Grafted Farm Goat Shares

Because. Who doesn’t love milk and cheese?

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    kids or children?

    Technically, kids are baby goats… but sometimes they get confused because we kind of spoil them. In other words, we treat our dairy goats with respect, and in return they give us rich, delicious, clean milk to enjoy and to make into other things… like chèvre cheese, ice cream, yogurt and dulche de leche!

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    what they eat

    Goats love to eat! They have plenty of green pastures to graze on, but we want to make sure they are getting a full diet rich with nutrients so they can give us sweet, fatty milk. We feed them the richest alfalfa hay we can get within a 1,000 mile radius, along with a few protein rich treats like grains and sunflower seeds, and you would never know it but they love peanuts!

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    milk for keeps

    Grafted Farm does not sell any raw goat products for human consumption. But we do sell shares of our herd, which gives our owners the right to a share of the milk and any other products that come from it – including a variety of chèvre cheeses.

Own a Share

You can own a share of the goat herd, and raise your family on fresh, raw milk and cheese... among other delicacies.

Visit the Herd

Own a share or a half share. Anyone interested in owning are strongly encouraged to come visit the herd.

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