We believe that food is a lifestyle, not just a meal. Our bodies came with built-in healing capabilities! And we can help them heal through the nutrition given to us – that’s why we raise, grow and cultivate food through the land.

We want to share that lifestyle with you, in your journey and commitment to your own family – to give them whole foods that heal.

Our pricing and packages work within your budget to provide fresh, non-GMO chicken year round.

Chicken Pricing

we do the hard part

We care for, raise, feed and nurture our chickens so they come out plump, happy and healthy – then we do a clean, “kosher-style” processing to get them ready for your table.

Per Pound

$4.25/ pound

*5 or more get a 5% discount

Family Packages

Pre-Order 20 Chickens or more

$100 minimum deposit + $4.00/ pound

Bulk Packages

Pre-Order 39 or more

$200 down + $3.90/ pound

Pick Your Budget

Interested in a different package? Help us create one for you! Choose your budget and bird size, email contact@graftedfarm.com.

*Monthly payments require a basic application. We would never require personal information such as your social security or birth date, all we ask is for some basic references and information about your family size and needs. We want our chicken to be available to as many families as possible, regardless of trifle things like credit history. 

Go to our poultry page to learn more about how we process

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