Holy Mulligatawny, Batman! That’s some gooooood soup!

If you’re wondering why there is a more-than-half-eaten picture of Mulligatawny soup here, its because the soup was. that. good. I simply could not save the soup in time for the photo… The first time I ever had this soup was at Montana Plains Bakery in Lynchburg, VA. I liked it so much that I went back the same day … Read More

Why Buy a Whole Chicken?

I was talking to a mom at the Spotsylvania Farmer’s Market on Wednesday. “Do you buy your chickens whole?” I asked. And her response was perfect: “When I was growing up, my mom always cooked with whole chickens. I didn’t even know you could go buy pieces and parts at the grocery store. But today most people are used to … Read More

Incredible Homemade Caramel Corn

Are you ready for the best homemade treat… ever? The kind that makes your guests want to come back and your children behave? Introducing “Camilla Corn,” real caramel paired with real popcorn. Fresh popcorn: At our house we keep an air popper in the cabinet. Fresh popcorn can be made anytime, and makes a great snack for the children and adults, … Read More

Schmaltz: the chicken fat you didn’t know you were always in love with

Traditionally we think of cooking oil in categories of vegetable, olive, coconut, butter, or maybe even lard. But what you are about to learn will blow your mind. Ready? Its melted chicken fat, or “Schmaltz”. When I first started to make bone broth from my leftover chicken scraps and bones, I would always end up with this solid layer of … Read More

RECIPE: Moonshine BBQ Chicken Pizza

For this recipe we specifically love Miller Farms Market “Moonshine Barbecue Sauce” – it’s a perfectly sweet sauce that your whole family will enjoy. When we run out of this sauce I know there is a trip to Miller Farms Market in the near future… I love to use my entire chicken. With a family of six, its important that we … Read More

What I learned about Breastfeeding from my Dairy Goats

From the Farmer’s Wife It takes hard work to produce milk. I know, because I’ve breastfed four babies. I know what it feels like to be in pain because I didn’t nurse on time. I know what it feels like to get mastitis, and blocked ducts. I know what it feels like to be pinched and bitten… I also know … Read More